A REMINDER pops up in the diary to do my PRS returns…basically set lists and concert info so they can pay me my dues.

I have a note in the diary to do the returns every six months and forgot that last time I went online to submit the info the system had changed. It’s so much easier now! 

In the past there were different processes for submitting gigs & clubs shows, major events and venues and overseas shows. It was a real pain. Now, there’s just one system and it’s much quicker and easier.

Oh, and if you’re a songwriter performing your own material live and/or getting airplay etc and you’re not a PRS member you’re missing out on an important income stream. 

A pal pointed me to an open casting coming up in Glasgow for a forthcoming feature film…the casting is next week, but they recommend registering with the agency n advance so I go through the process and have to take a bunch of selfies in the studio. It’d be bad form to use the images from my main agent.

When I get back from taking the photos int he studio Betty and Joe have dropped by. Nice to see them and have a  coffee and a blether. We make a plan to meet up later this evening.

After lunch we prepare the chicken for ‘the kids’ coming tomorrow…a rub on and in the fridge to marinade overnight ready for the smoker 🙂

I get a message saying I’ve been picked for filming in Glasgow on Tuesday – a movie called Country Music.

There’s some routine work to be done and I manage to get some time to jot down some ideas for a song…don;t get as far as the studio tho’!

The afternoon’s gone and I go for a walk before we head along to Betty and Joe’s…Betty and Margaret watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon then we all go to the local pub for some grub. Then back to Betty and Joe’s….