Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for the family cookout 🙂

UP at a decent time for a Saturday – lots to do in preparation for the kids coming for a family cookout day.

I’ve cleared the decks of work and got the smoker and grill ready to go. Meantime, Margaret’s making a batch of brownies and sorting out bedding and stuff.

Couldn’t have planned nicer weather – a nice surprise after  few weeks of damp grey days.

Mikey’s first to arrive and, once I’ve got the chicken on the smoker – it’ll take three hours or so, we go for a walk.

When we get Catriona and Will have arrived and it;s beer o’clock. The sun’s shining and there’s a slight breeze to keep the midges at bay. Perfect.

After a few beers I get the grill lit and when the chicken in the smoker’s ready slap some burgers on the grill.

We enjoy a steady stream of grub and more drinks outside then move indoors when folks start to feel the cold. A good move as ten minutes later when I go outside for something it’s a total midgie-fest.