Lunch is some leftover smoked chicken from yesterday with Alabama White BBQ sauce. Sublime!

A FEW folks suffering a bit this morning. Not Margaret or I though 😉

Matty’s off to run a race somewhere in Fife…the rest of us have a leisurely breakfast. Catriona gives it a miss tho; as she’s feeling particularly delicate,

Once everyone’s gone their separate ways I get some online promo done for the London and Brighton shows coming up early August. I also get news releases written and sent out.

I have a local guy coming for a banjo lesson so do a wee bit prep. He;s a complete beginner and brings an amazing old banjo he found on Gumtree. At first I panic as it looks like a six-string…there’s six pegs on the headstock. Then I spot the fifth string instead of having a tuner at the fifth fret, the string goes into a hole in the fretboard and comes out behind the nut, attaching to a regular headstock tuning peg. Weird!

The lesson goes fine and later some online research reveals that this old banjo has what is known as  a ‘tunnelled’ fifth string.

I get some more work done then we have a relaxing night and watch Deep Blues – a 199  film courtesy of a private and exclusive  link from the director Robert Mugge 🙂