AN early start int he rain to get the car into the garage in Glasgow for an MoT and (overdue!) service.

I leave the car and walk from Maryhill into the city centre, There’s posters for the album launch show at Broadcast on 1 September to be distributed but nowhere’s open yet so I set up camp in McDonalds for the usual ‘Glasgow day’ coffee and free wifi. I also sneak in a sausage, egg and cheese bagel…but please don’t tell the carb police!

By 11am I’ve got through a bunch of work and leave McDonalds and head for Love Music who take some posters and we discuss stock for the new album.

Next stop is the Scottish Music Centre where I have a blether with the folks and leave more posters.

Some emails have popped in that need attention, so I grab a seat at Buchanan Galleries and deal with business then spend some time looking at the best ways of using decent cameras for livesteaming (ie: not iPhones, laptop ‘chat’ cameras or webcams) before going to EAT for some duck gyoza soup.

I’ve just finished when the garage calls to say the car’ll be ready in half an hour…it’ll take me about that to walk back.

The bill while not unreasonable is still horrible and will likely max out by credit card which was only just entering recovery.

Next it’s Costco, Tesco, Chung Ying and finally See Woo for shopping then a stop at Homebase for a bag of sand (for the smoker!) then home.

Margaret’s been busy tidying out the office and clearing some ‘piles’ of general ‘stuff’. I suspect she’s also been glancing at Andy Murray’s Wimbledon match 😉

I get the shopping put away then prepare some stuff for our Lancashire pals Ian and Elaine who are visiting on Wednesday – I’m on set for the forthcoming Country Music film in Glasgow all day tomorrow, so best get things in order while I can!