Givers & Takers out on Friday (14 July)…click pic for info

THE entire morning is taken up with prep for tomorrow’s (Friday) single release…

We have a couple of bars of 4G data on our mobiles, so I do a quick Facebook livestream reminding folks that the single comes out tomorrow. I can;t wait ’til we get fibre and a decent internet upload speed here so we can do decent quality livestreams,

I prepare eNewsletters, banners for my Facebook page and profile, a YouTube teaser and more. The main hassle is that as iTunes doesn’t do pre-orders on singles, I can’t get the link until it;s live on iTunes/Apple Music. I do as much as I can and make a list for the morning when, hopefully, it’ll be live and available.

After lunch I get in touch with Apple. My artist account with Apple Music Connect still hasn’t been sorted out and although it doesn’t affect sales or availability of my music, I’d like to interact with folks using the platform. An online chat, phone call and subsequent email later I hope to move thing on.

There’s not the same problem with Spotify – my artist account there seems in order.

After all the hair-pulling I go for a walk then play some guitar while Margaret sorts dinner.

We do a little more work then relax and watch Kingsman – a two-hour plus film that holds my attention the whole way. Recommended!

Then a early-ish night – I;m gonna be busy in the morning 🙂