First ‘proper’ cycle in two years!

AS I hoped it looks like a nice dry day!

I deal with some online stuff, grab a quick breakfast and get my bike sorted to take along to Martyn’s. Last night – when the rain stopped – I dug the old rear-mounted bike rack out the shed to see if there was any way of getting it to fit the ‘new’ car (we’ve had it for two years!).

There’ s an odd fairing thing along the top of the tailgate and I’d resigned my self to the fact that it wouldn’t fit…but after a bit of jiggery-pokery and some perseverance and I managed to get it to attach. Quite well too 🙂

When I get to Martyn’s, though, he decides to put some air in one of his tyres and manages to pull the valve clean off the (new) iinner tube. After trying various solutions, none of which work out, he finally gets Louise’s bike and a couple of hours’ after our intended start we finally get on our way.

We do a relatively short, but exciting run of just over 11 miles – mostly off-road or on small backroad. Not too long or strenuous, but perfect for me to get back on the bike for my first ‘proper’ ride in about two years.

I hang out at Martyn and Louise’s for a while then head home. Margaret’s watching the Wimbledon finals so I watch a bit, have a shower, clean the bike then do a wee bit of work.

After dinner we watch the final episode of The Loch…it’s good and a reasonable twist in the tale ending. Six episodes was a bit extreme, tho’ and it could have made a really good film in a quarter of the duration!