I grab a proof/dummy of the album package and we take some promo shots in front of the hall…

TOP of the task list today is photography for the forthcoming Live at Memorial Hall album.

There’s two aspects. First I need a ‘news’ pic of me with a guitar and the album cover in front of the hall where I recorded the album. That’s a good people/local interest pic story for the local papers who probably aren’t likely to be interested in the music aspect of the release.

Secondly, I need good product and packaging images to be used in banners and graphics across social media and other bits and bobs of artwork.

In the studio I improvise a light table using a large softbox end up on the floor with two LED panels in the base….and some lighting from above. I get some good useable stuff.

Thankfully there’s a few clouds in the sky so I grab a flash, wireless transmitters, stand, reflector and all the camera gear and we nip along to the village hall for the other shot.

Margaret acts as a model while I set up the shot then we swap places and Margaret fires the camera. We mange to get a few shots before the clouds disappear and the strong sun (and shadows) scuppers the chance of doing any more. Not that I want to complain about sunshine!

Back home I check the pix and they’re adequate for the job…nothing fantastic, but plenty up to the job.

After lunch I start pulling some footage together for a ‘making of the live album’ video. I was sure I had some timelapse footage from the hall setup and I manage to find it…although it’s stops pretty short of the setup completion..think the memory card got full. Anyway, might be useful.

After a few hour’s scrutinising video clips for the edit my brain;s fried, so I go out for  wee walk, stopping to check emails and catch up on some work when I get a decent 4G signal at the other end of the bay.

It’s still nice weather when I get home, but the midges are out so instead of cracking open a beer in the garden, I crack one open in the kitchen and set about making dinner…