A half-hour blast on the bike offers some respite on a busy day 🙂

WE have breakfast outside in the sunshine then I spend the first hour or two of the morning working on some internet stuff for a local pal.

In the studio I do a little more editing of the ‘making of’ video for the forthcoming album, stopping for lunch, then back to it. 

I have the bones of the thing together when a courier brings the Blackmagic UltraStudio box that I need to connect the videocamera (or SLR, or GoPro!) to the Macbook for livestreaming.

Why on earth does Amazon use UPS and a giant box for something that would go in first class letter post…?!?!

It’s our second courier delivery of the day – UPS dropped off a pack of four wee button-cell battteries I ordered from Amazon. The lot would have fitted in a standard envelope and been sent out first class for about 80p….but Amazon uses UPS and pack the thing in a box the size of a shoebox. Bizarre.

Anyway. The Blackmagic software install and basic setup is straightforward although there’s a bit of piddling about with the camera to get it set up properly. With no decent broadband connection I can’t run a full test, but an offline test looks promising. At least the hardware’s all working…now all we need is a decent upload speed.

I chuck the bike on the back of the car and head for a nice off-rad spot where I have a half-hour burn on the bike.

Back home I carry on with the video edit then we wander along to Betty and Joe’s for an aperitif. On the way back we bump onto our pal Jim who’s having a beer with some pals then home. No more work done tonight!