SOME more editing on the ‘making of’ video for the forthcoming live album then I go through the rough edit and write up a script.

Although predominantly a voice over, my plan is to deliver the script to camera so that I can extend visuals where need be and use cutaways to cover any awkward cuts/edits or inconsistencies in the main footage.

When I get back to the house from the studio, Margaret’s highlighted a problem with our shared addresses/contacts. I don’t really have the time or inclination to try and deal with this now…or the can of worms that will surely ensue. 

I take a look, though, and realise that we have two different address books assigned to different Apple IDs, some of which may have been inadvertently used by one or both of us when updating/adding info. Looks like neither of them are correct and while it’s possible to merge them and have duplicates weeded out, there’s not enough flexibility to deal with duplicate records with different info in them if I do it ‘automatically’. The can of worms is open….

So, instead of progressing the video or dealing with some of today’s tasks I end up making start knocking the contacts database into shape. It is important – if not vital – after all!

I take a break to go along and see Betty about some online stuff I’m helping with then it’s back to the database until my banjo student arrives for a lesson.

I get a bit more work done before locking up and going back to the house to make dinner….a little late, but the tofu green curry is good 🙂