THERE’S some stuff to get ready for tomorrow (Friday) night’s show in Bathgate with Bob Wayne…then I hit the studio.

The ‘making of’ video for the new album is taking shape, but I need to record the voiceover to camera so there’s some coverage for other edits and stuff. It’s only about five minutes long, but even using the iPad as a teleprompter, it’s hard do. Especially when the phone rings halfway through (twice!), batteries run out and stuff falls over!

Betty drops by for  coffee just before we make lunch then there’s some stuff to be done in the office.

We make up some shopping lists and head into Glasgow – the usual Costco and Tesco rounds..then onto a pub at Charing Cross for a Musicians’ Union (MU) networking event.

It’s after 9pm when we get home and put the shopping away, by which time I’ve decided I’m not doing any more work today!