AFTER long lie and a nice (late!) breakfast I get bsome social media stuff done then head to the studio to try and progress the ‘making of’ video.

There’s still a couple of bit and bobs of cutaway footage needed – mostly to cover up my geeky ‘talking to camera’ so I fart about with the camera and film some stuff that will, hopefully, work in to the edit.

A part has arrived for Betty and Joe;s laptop, so I nip along to get it all installed and blether over a coffee, then back home and back to the video.

There’s some ‘end shot’ graphics needing made up which I’ll do tomorrow. Meantime, I start working on the sound. Nothing fancy, just basically ‘sorting’ it and sorting respective levels over different clips, atmos and music beds. All small stuff, but the difference it can make is amazing, even in my inexperienced hands.

I get a good bit done before we go down to the pub to meet Betty, Joe and Cal for dinner…I tentatively order a duck, hoisin and spring onion pizza, unsure if it would work. It does. Brilliant. Hope they add it to the permanent pizza menu! 

Back to Betty and Joe’s for a dram and more chat then home. Lovely night 🙂