LOVELY sunshine this morning…after breakfast I chat with our pals at Glengoyne about a competition/social media campaign to win tickets to see me at MugStock this coming weekend.

The prize will also include a dram of the finest whisky you can find and a goodie bag with a bottle of Glengoyne, and  a Dave Arcari t-shirt and CD. There’s a bit of work to be done getting it all in place, but we get the ball rolling and hope to announce something over the next day or two.

Meantime, there’s also plans to do something with Glengoyne for National Vinyl Day (12 August) so I take some photos in the studio so we’re read to roll. Watch this space!

The Mac in the studio seems to be struggling processing ad compressing the ‘making of’ video I’ve been working on for the new album so i export it as a full-strength file then throw it into Compressor (the video compression/optimiser app, funnily enough). Takes time, but works!

In between times I need to tidy up my accounts which have been neglected for the last month or two. I make some headway then go for a walk in the sunshine.

We make a disastrous attempt at a Facebook Livestream update when I get back…bad connection, phone tethering hassle and camera auto power off mean the thing is a complete mess. We give up. Gonna need to forget attempting livestreams from home until the broadband is sorted. Could be some time 🙁

After dinner we work on some bits and bobs then relax for a while before an early night.