THE morning’s to-do list is hijacked by the urgent need to prepare some images for the upcoming MiugStock/Glengoyne campaign.

Can’t say – or show – anything yet, but watch my Facebook page for info!

After lunch – roast peppers, quinoa and grilled halloumi – out in the garden, I get back to it and finish off the images. 

There’s time to get a wee bit work done on my accounts and I also try and work out why our mobile data keeps dropping form two bars of 4G to one bar of 3G….Three’s website says:

We’re planning some network improvements in your area on 27 July 2017. We really hope this doesn’t affect your services too much, but once we’re done you’ll have a better network experience.

…we’ll see. I’ll check it over the weekend and chase them if there’s no improvement!

Just after 5pm I decide on a walk. A bit further than usual, but it’s good and I digest a couple of intresting podcasts.