Album pre-orders are go! Click above!

MORNING’S off to a manic start!

I have a wee bit of a flip-out as I just can’t get my head round some unbelievable ineptness. I have to go for a walk to calm down. 

Back home I’m getting stuff ready for Friday when we plan – if iTunes has pre-sales live – to open up pre-orders for the new album. 

For no real reason I check iTunes and find, to my surprise, that Live at Memorial Hall is up for pre-order. That wasn’t meant to happen until the stipulated four weeks before release date…ie: this coming Friday. it’s not a huge problem, but it throws my workload into disarray.

So, I need to get physical pre-sales for vinyl and CD versions in the shop…they’ll be delivered to arrive by or before the release date (1 September).

Then a landing page (important!). Following that, my monthly eNewsletter will now take a slightly different tack…with different versions for media.

By 9pm I’m done and haven’t tackled anything else on today’s list. Off into Glasgow early tomorrow (Tuesday) for another day’s filming on Country Music.