I NEED to get a load of audio files uploaded for Rab – over a gigabyte – and there’s no way that’s gonna work over our shitty home broadband.

There’s also a big pile of album pre-orders to go to the post office and some local deliveries so I decide to kill two birds with one stone and go first to the post office in the village then on to Croftamie where I got a full 4G mobile data connection last week.

When I stop in Croftamie, though, there’s no fucking 4G signal. WTF? I drive around some of the backroads hoping to find a better signal but I’m in Balloch before I get 4G! 

It takes less than half an hour to upload all the stuff with my laptop ‘tethered’ to my iPhone then I make my way home for lunch.

We need to sort out our finances and cashflow, especially with next week’s trip for shows in London, Brighton and Belgium and two maxed-out credit cards. Thank goodness for some pre-orders of the new album which are keeping us out the shit!

In the office I do a bunch of online promo for next week’s shows and also canvas BBC 6 Music for some airplay and gig plugs…fingers crossed it works.

My head’s bursting by the time I go for some fresh air. Betty and Joe roll up just as I’m leaving – I only go a short walk ‘cos I wanna be back before they leave. 

I’ve realised the online download page for the download card that goes with the vinyl edition of the album hasn’t been activated, so after dinner I see to that…or try to. I don’t have the correct login address. Not quite an emergency yet, as the pre-orders won’t start arriving on folks’ doormats for another day or two. I email the production company requesting the info…