THERE’S more pre-orders to be packed up ready for the post office. The vinyl mailers are pretty good this time around…much better than ones we’ve had in the past.

I have some website stuff to do for my pal Rab and run some updates which, unfortunately, cause a site-wide crash. Nine times out of 10 WordPress version updates go smoothly, but that once when it goes wrong causes havoc. A couple of hours to-ing and fro-ing with the hosting company and we;’e back ip and running. Not good for my nerves, tho’, as Rab’s got a new album and the social media stuff’s all going out this afternoon.

Margaret takes all the stuff to the post office in the village and I get on with today’s main task – working on the media/industry launch of the album that’s happening in a few weeks. There’s a lot to be done and we’re away on Monday for the best part of a week, so time’s tight.

I’m busy until Duncan and Irene arrive for dinner – we have a grand night putting the music world to rights 🙂