AHHHHH….Saturday…sun’s out too, even tho’ the forecast’s for rain.

We have breakfast in the garden then I get busy packing up some more vinyl and CD pre-oders to get posted off on Monday.

There should really have been a Facebook livestream when we launched the album pre-orders but the week’s been so hectic it just didn’t happen. I;m ever hopeful of getting a more stable – and stronger – 4G signal on my phone, so I visit Three’s website and go through the troubleshooting step-by-step.

The final recommendation is to wipe the phone and do a full reset. I back up the phone, reset and then restore everything from the backup which takes an age. There’s a good 4G signal, tho’ – so I get some gear together to attempt a livestream then….guess what? The 4G signal that;s been there for an hour or more suddenly drops to 3G. FFS. No change there, then 🙁

Catriona and Will have recently got a fibre connection so we arrange to visit tomorrow (Sunday) and schedule a livestream for 5pm UK time.

I knock up a quick story for the G63.scot webzine which has been a bit neglected recently then spread it around social media before we go along to Betty and Joe’s. They need some help with some online stuff and we’ve been invited for dinner too 🙂