All set for the Facebook livestream! See below to watch the replay 🙂

A WEE job to do for Betty and Joe first thing…once I’ve got it sorted I nip along to see them.

I gather all the gear for today’s Facebook livestream (see it on replay below) which we’re doing form Catriona and Will’s. They’ve got fibre and an upload speed of 20 meg. A bit better than our 0.3 meg!

This will be the first time we’ll have the chance to use a proper camera for a livestream via the new BlackMagic mini recorder box that lets us plug the camera into the laptop.

When we get there we have an hour or so to set up in Will’s “mancave”…he puts one of his Harleys in shot and we get set up. Looks like their superfast broadband is gonna work 🙂

It does work, and all goes well then Will lights the grill and cooks a mountain of food.

Another grand night. We’re home just after 10pm and have an early night….hitting the road tomorrow!

Click above to watch the Facebook Livestream replay 🙂