Funky lit up building on the way back to the hotel…

WE’RE headed for Birmingham…no show tonight, but makes it easier for London tomorrow (Tuesday) night. Not much fn playing a show after sitting in car for ten hours or more!

Also means there’s no huge rush. We’ve all the gear and merch packed and hit the road by midday, stopping in the village to post of merch pre-orders an then dropping some stuff off at Glengoyne distillery.

The drive is OK, despite some torrential rain and we roll up at our hotel in the centre of Birmingham just after 7pm. Margaret found a last minute deal, so we have a night at a Copthorne with parking and breakfast – plus complimentary drinks – for less than a Travelodge 🙂

We enjoy out complimentary drink at the bar then wander along to Brindley Place to find some dinner…there’s a lot of choice – mostly expensive – but we spot a Carluccio’s with a ‘two courses for £13’ menu. That’ll do us.

The place is fine, although we feel a bit diddled when the waitress explains to Margaret that if she wants potatoes or veg with her chicken it’ll cost extra! So instead of paying extra for tatties, she upgrades to steak (same cost!) which comes with potatoes. The waitress is deperate to upsell us with anything she can….!

I opt for antipasti and mushroom risotto – both of which are better than I expect…Margaret’s steak is good, but the godforsaken tatties look like they’ve been round the block a few times! All in, though, it’s good value and we have a nice bottle of wine courtesy of our pals at home.

We wander back to the hotel, relax, and have a nightcap. Not too far to go tomorrow 🙂