Waiting for the movie to start…

A RELATIVELY early start and we leave Ponnie’s and Eastbourne to make our way to Ashford.

We get there with plenty of time to spare and go for some lunch…but as we get to the international rail terminal I get the booking papers out and Margaret realises we should be at Folkestone for the Eurotunnel. No idea why she thought we were leaving from Ashford!

She gets a little flustered but here’s plenty time and it’s only another 10/15 miles, so no need to panic

We get t Folkestone and through security and passport controls in good time and soon we’re driving through France on our way into Belgium.

The festival folks have booked us into a hotel about four miles from the festival site but we don’t have a name or address so we make our way to the site and find the booker, An, who makes us most welcome and gives us all our passes and info…as well as the hotel info.

Joe Dirt on the big screen.

The festival starts this evening, but no live music. Instead, a drive-in movie, so we drop our stuff at the hotel where we’re welcomes with a Belgian beer and then make our way back to the festival site.

Margaret’s done all the driving so far, so I go easy on the beer and am happy to drive back after the movie. There’s loads of cars arriving for the drive-in…many of them very cool old American cars.

We have burgers, popcorn and watch the movie – Joe Dirt. I think the film’s pretty crap, but Margaret enjoys it and these kind of events are more about the whole vibe and sense of occasion. The film is secondary!

Back at the hotel we have a glass (or two) of wine and snack before bed….then zzzzzzzzz….

At the drive-in…burgers and wine before the movie

We leave Ponnie’s lovely seafront flat in Eastbourne and head for Belgium