Great to catch up with Graeme Scott at K107fm

WE get as much work done as we can before we leave for Fife.

First stop is a visit to a PRS Members’ Fund grantholder. Sun’s shining and time’s on our side so we have a wee drive and have our picnic lunch then stop for an ice cream on the way to Kirkcaldy.

Big ice cream at Lundin Links 🙂

I have a couple of things to do on the High Street. On the way back tot he car I pass the spot – behind The Postings shopping centre where I busked just about every day during my  1985 to 1987 college years. More than 30 years ago. Memories. The place used to be mobbed and now there’s no-one around 🙁

We head up to the K107fm studios and load in for a live session/interview with Graeme Scott on his World of Music programme. We have a grand old chat , he plays some tracks from the forthcoming album and I play a few songs live.

We’re done by 6.30pm and make for home,stopping at the supermarket in Stirling to pick up some shopping.

After unpacking the gear, Margaret makes dinner and I nip into the office to sort some stuff out…a few pre-orders to be packed up ready for the post office tomorrow and some other stuff to follow up our discussions and decisions while on the road earlier.

Live on air at K107fm


The now deserted spot behind The Postings shopping centre in Kirkcaldy where I busked nearly every when I was at college from 1985 through 1987.