LOTS on the list today!

First up, news releases to be written for the new album and the first two launch shows (Glasgow on 1, and Edinburgh in 2 September). I put together a local news story about the album along with a photo in front of the hall where it was recorded and fire it off to relevant local media.

Next is a news release highlighting both the album release and the immediate live dates.

Both are done and sent to the relevant press, radio, TV and blogs.

The’s a little work to be done on the upcoming (24 August) media launch and some pre-orders to be sent out.

It’s pouring with rain and I need to get the smoker fired up for the bacon-wrapped pork loin wer’e having for dinner tonight (and hopefully, if there’s some left, tomorrow too). We rig up the parasol from the garden table in the clothes dryer ‘hole in the ground’ – Margaret’s idea – and it gives enough shelter to get thing going. It’s a good solution, but only on a day like today with no wind.

Margaret drives me to the post office in the village and I walk back. Need some fresh air…and I have some podcasts to listen to.

Betty’s in for a coffee when i get back. I chat a while then hit the studio to film some greenscreen video for an upcoming Facebook video and also a wee promo I want to do for Newtone Strings who make my custom guitar strings,

The pork works out good despite the rain. After we’ve eaten we go along to Betty and Joe’s for a glass or two of wine then shuffle home along the lochside.