I GET on with editing the videos I filmed yesterday.

One is for a Facebook & InstaGram video ad campaign for the new album and Scottish launch dates – the other is for Newtone Strings who make my custom Dave Arcari guitar strings and supply strings for all my instruments.

Seems the best format for traction on social media is square…and unusual video format and it takes me a while to work out how to do it.

Our pals Rachel and Frank are over from Ireland and coming  for lunch. Margaret goes to pick them up at the station while I make a pot of soup.

We have a nice lunch and then take them a walk up the lochside before they jump on a bus back to Balloch.

An early dinner as Margaret has a local community group meeting then I get to work on some Facebook ad campaign planning and targeting.

About 9.30pm Margaret texts me to say the meeting’s over and do I want to join her and some other pals at Betty and Joe’s for a glass of wine. i do – and the alcohol-free day goes to pot…but we have a nice time 😉