Closing song from my set at The Cluny on Friday night….

MAYBE I overdid it last night?

Regardless, I attribute my bad head to the half-chorizo and packet of cheese I devoured when we got back to the hotel last night…not the last dram I washed it all down with (that I needed like a hole in the head!). Rock’n’roll.

I’ve got some urgent website work to do for my pal Rab schedules in for this morning…and also some stuff for another musicians’ webiste which also involves 18 tracks to be uploaded in /.wav format to her Bandcamp and CD Baby accounts.

We’re assuming checkout’s 11am but can’t find the info anywhere in the room or on our keycard. Margaret calls reception to find out but can;t get a reply…that’s odd for a brand new Ramada hotel.

Nevermind, I jump in the shower quick, get my blog done then do the stuff for Rab…but the server’s blocked the hotel’s IP address so I can’t log in to the back end of his website. I’ll have to try using my phone’s mobile connection. It’s almost 11am anyway, so we pack up and leave the room behond to find check out is midday!

I settle at a table in reception to get Rab’s web stuff done while Margaret checks out and mentions the lack of info or phone response…turns out the girl on reception is the only one on and is overwhelmed with guests/checkouts/requests! She apologises and organises for some coffees to be brought over to us by way of an apology.

I manage to log into Rab’s website via my phone and get everything done  Back on the hotel wifi I see the upload speed is a lot better than at home, so I rip Heather’s new album – all 18 tracks of it – into .wav files and spend the next couple of hours uploading to Bandcamp and CD Baby, The .wav files are 40-odd meg each, so a couple of hours here is better than a week at home!

We stop for some lunch before leaving Newcastle then share the drive back to Glasgow where we stop for some shopping.

After the usual unpacking and tidying we have dinner then chill for what little remains of the night.