Despite the technical hassles, we manage a Facebook livestream đŸ™‚

A LAZY morning, but still lots to get on with.

After making a list of stuff, editing some video and setting it to upload to my YouTube channel, I cut the grass…then I spot a couple of big weeds growing out the gutter at the back of the house.

Out comes the ladders and it turns into a full scale ‘gutter clean out’ job.

Margaret’s been out delivering a vinyl and comes back to say there’s some classic cars stopping in Balmaha, so I grab the camera and off we go to take some photos for the webzine.

We bump into some local pals, are treated to lunch and generally have a nice wee deviation from cleaning the gutters!

Back home I go through the photos and do a wee write-up for…but I’m having a real hassle logging in and subsequently the photo upload is problematic. A five-minute job ends up taking nearly two hours…dunno f there’s something wrong with my webserver/account. I’ll follow up tomorrow.

I’d noticed three bars of 4G on my iPhone for the past few hours so maybe I could do a Facebook livestream? As soon as I decide, the phone switches to just one bar of 3G data signal. Jeez.

The whole day has been hampered by things not working properly and it seems like every time I solve a problem something  else goes wrong/doesn’t work.

Meantime, I go round the garden and driveway with weedkiller and deal with some other stuff.

In the house, tho’, there IS some 4G…not ,much,  but enough to let me do a livestream albeit with some freeze frames. Phew!