AFTER yesterday’s carry on with uploading photos to the website, my own website seems to be incredibly sluggish!

I open a ‘chat’ with the hosting company who deny there’s a problem and say they’ll install some kind of cache loader plug-in to the two sites. After an hour or more of messing around It makes no difference! II decide to try and sit it out.

Meantime, I have a bit of work to do on a couple of sites I’ve built for other folks. They’re the same! Slow, inconsitent log-in and access to the back end/servers…and they’re with the same hosting company. I’m pretty convinced the problem is some kind of ‘denial of service’ attack or some other kind of malware at the hosting end.

This is driving me mad. As well as the forthcoming album release, this week’s media launch event and some important website work of my own my to-do list is growing. I’m not handling these setbacks and problems very well…and poor Margaret has to witness my frustrations.

I get on with some other bits and bobs and slowly get the work done on Heather’s website, despite the technical hinderance. The hosting problems are exacerbated by our pitiful broadband…

A local pal comes to pick up a vinyl of my new album and we chat over coffee then I attempt to get back to work. There’s lots of other stuff needing done other than website stuff, but they’re kinda big vital tasks and I’m under time-pressure to get them done.

I raise a support ticket with the hosting company then go out for a walk in the last of the daylight. 

After dinner, I go back into the office ’til bedtime. It’s taken an entire day to get an hour or two’s work done. Grrrrr……