THE morning starts – and continues – with ongoing conversations with technical support at my web hosting company.

Seems there’s been some load balancing issues which are addressed. The support guy also advises me to delete the Wordfence sercurity I’ve installed on my – and some other – site and replace it with Sucuri. Seems Wordfence doesn’t play well with the newer ‘cloud’ servers. I take the advice.

These things always come up when there’s a lot to be done and I;m short on time, but hey-ho…guess that’s just the way of it.

I’ve had quite a few emails and messages from folks wanting to know about my guitars and other equipment I use, so I reckoned it’d be a good idea to have an ‘equipment’ page on my website. I get most of it written while to-ing and fro-ing with the web server support folks. I’lll add some pix tomorrow and get it live at some point.

Main job is reminding folks that have accepted invitations to the media/industry launch event for the new album on Thursday. I also need to chivvy up the ‘maybes’ and folks who haven’t RSVP’d so we have enough beer, wine and grub…and let Glengoyne know numbers for their input to the hospitality.

Lack of courtesy in replying to invitations – particularly when they’re personal and mailed (rather than emailed) out – it a huge annoyance to me. Margaret reminds me for the tenth time that unlike myself, many folks don’t bother about RSVPs and that’s just the way of it. Still, I just see it as a lack of common courtesy – for all the time it takes to email off a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. And if some folks have other stuff on that they need to jiggle around and hope to come well, they can say that rather than ignore the invitation. Rant over (for now!).

Next, I restring the guitars. A tedious job, so I bring them from the studio and watch some telly while I unwind, wind and tune the blighters.

We nip along to Betty and Joes to borrow a couple of big coolers for Thursday’s event and have a wee aperitif and a blether before going back home and making a green curry.