Surprise cake, flowers & Catriona and Will…and the cake is actually edible!

MARGARET’S birthday! Sadly she has a day’s work in Glasgow and we can;t afford to turn it down…so off she goes early doors.

I do some work on the images for the ‘equipment’ page on my website and get it live here.

There’s a heap of admin and planning for tomorrow’s (Thursday) media launch of the album in Glasgow, but I take a break to make a birthday cake for Margaret.

While I love cooking, I’ve never bothered with baking, deserts and suchlike…so I don’t have high hopes for my baking. My only other effort a year-and-a-half ago ended with a batch of inedible scones.

Somehow, though, it turns out looking OK. We’ll find out if it’s edible later!

It’s a nice surprise for Margaret when she gets in…as are the flowers that arrive from Catriona and Will.

We try the cake along with a glass of bubbly. The cake is edible..and not bad. Although I rather doubt I’ll be entering ‘bake off’ anytime soon (or at all, in fact!).

More work, then a nice dinner and chilled night. Big day tomorrow!