Tom Russell – one of the many guests at the media/industry launch of my new live album

MEDIA launch of the new album today in Glasgow…lots to do!

The car is jam-packed with gear, our wee PA, bevvy, coolers and all sorts of stuff. We have to drop it all at the Scottish Music Centre before we can go and pick up the ‘loan glasses’ and 20 bags of crushed ice from Morrisons and the food we ordered from Costco.

By 3pm we;re getting everything set up for a 5.30pm start.

PA, soundcheck, food, drink, Facebook livestream and our pals from Glengoyne who are doing Kilt Lifter cocktails and drams for our guests.

Folks start arriving soon after 5pm and everything’s ready in time for a 5.30pm start. At 6pm we start the Facebook livestream and take to the stage to welcome everyone, talk a little about the album and play half a dozen songs.

Then there’s a Q&A session before we draw six invitations out the hat…and six lucky guests win a bottle of Glengoyne 10-year old single malt specially produced to mark the release of the album.

Then some mingling and chatting with guests and quick radio interview recorded before we start saying cheerio and tidying up.

We’ve got get all the glasses home for washing so we can take them back to Morrisons tomorrow…so there’s not much room in the car. We leave a load of stuff at the Scottish Music Centre to collect tomorrow (Friday).

Back home we unload and then wander along to Betty and Joe’s for a drink and a snack…although the event was strictly for media and ‘industry’ folks we were delighted Betty and Joe were able to come along as they played a significant part in setting up the show for the live album recording and also it’d be hard for them to get to a regular show.

A brilliant night 🙂

A brief set at the Scottish Music Centre media launch of the new album

The Glengoyne girls – Joanne and Kirsten 🙂