Great to see Trev and Emma at Hardtail Blues Festival 🙂

THERE’S a few things to get done in the office then we pack the gear and merch and hit the road.

We’ve a 300-odd mile drive to heather in Leicestershire where I’m playing at the Hardtail Blues Festival. 

Margaret’s not feeling great so, unusually, I do most of the driving. We get to the festival site by around 4pm and load in.

It’s a small festival, but good facilities and everyone’s friendly. Our pal Trev is playing here tomorrow, but we’re delighted to find that he and his partner Emma have come a day early. Great to catch up 🙂

My 75-minute set seems to go by in a  flash and at the mercy table I’m pleasantly surprised by the interest in the new vinyl.

After I’ve tidied up my gear we have something to eat and a few drinks while watching Dr Feelgood. The organiser has booked us a B&B two or three miles away…a kinda weird place, but I’m full of beer and don’t pay much attention….zzzzzzzzzz.

Great time at Hardtail Blues Festival 🙂

Dr Feelgood…not quite the same without Wilko and Lee Brilleaux,but good band nonetheless…