IT’S 11am by the time we go downstairs at Jan and Rodge’s.

Rodge was up at 5.30am to go to work,,,hell knows how he didi it after  2am bedtime…and Jan’s got breakfast on the go. Rodge is coming home for 1/2-hour to join us.

We eat, chat, pack up and say cheerio. We’re not long away when Jan calls. She’s found out spare car key under a cabinet in the bedroom. Musta slipped of the top of our overnight bag,

I drop Margaret at the Boundary Mill store and go back to get the key…then spend 1/2-hour trying to find Margaret in the huge store.

We split the drive home and make our usual stop to pick up some shopping in Glasgow. Once we’ve unpacked everything we have something to eat then take a walk along to see Betty and Joe for a wee while. Then home for an early night.