I take some snaps for tomorrow’s (Wednesday – midday) Facebook giveaway…a pair of guesties for the upcoming Glasgow or Edinburgh show, a bottle of limited edition Glengoyne and a test pressing from the new album!

BACK to the to-do list today…and main task is my accounts 🙁

The office desk is covered in papers, receipts and all manner of stuff needing attention, including my musical instrument insurance renewal which was due yesterday.

I sort the insurance, tidy/file away some papers – some in the shredder or bin – then get on with organising all the receipts and stuff. Have hardly touched it since my end of year tax return in April.

By 4pm I’m going nuts with papers, receipts and bank/.credit card statements, The bulk of the work is done and the stuff all now just needs to go through the spreadsheet, so I take a break.

We’re planning a Facebook giveaway tomorrow (Wednesday) offering up a pair of guest list slots for either the Glasgow (Friday) or Edinburgh (Saturday) show…plus a special edition bottle of Glengoyne produced to mark the release of my new album…plus a signed and numbered (there’s only five!) test pressing double vinyl of the new album. The post will go on my Facebook page at midday.

I call the good folks at Glengoyne to discuss best way to run it and get some tips. They’lll share and help spread the word too.

Now the rain’s off I go for a walk for an hour then come back and spend some time in the studio taklng photos for the Facebook competition. While I;m doing that, Betty pops round and Margaret makes some posters for her while they enjoy a gin and I crack open a beer.

Next job is a wee Facebook livestream to give folks the heads up we’ll be launching the comp on Facebook at midday on Wednesday. Then it;s after 10pm and time for dinner!