Concrete pouring for the new pontoon on the lochside…click the pic forstory/gallery

KNACKERED this morning. 

Not long out the shower when I get a text from Betty to say she’s just spotted a couple of big lorries heading to the old pier. The concrete pouring for the  first stage of the new pontoon is today, so they must be getting started early.

I grab a camera and make for the old pier. It’s dry when I leave the house and jump in our pal David’s van, but when we get there i’s pishing rain and I’ve no jacket – just my I;m wearing silly soft shoes with holes in the soles!

I say hello to everyone, take some pix and make my way home to get dried off and put the photos/story onto the webzine.

There’s a busy day ahead – online promo for gigs, online orders to be processed and packed and a to-do list as long as my arm.

It’s still pouring with rain late afternoon when I head into the studio to take some pix of the special edition whisky Glengoyne created to mark the launch of the album. Be nice to have a record of it before it’s all gone! 

Tight for space in the studio and I have to mess around with the lighting so much that the batteries in my LED panels give up the ghost before I get anywhere. Time’s dragging on anyway, so I decide to revisit tomorrow when, hopefully, I can make some time.

After dinner we carry on with some work and I’m chuffed to have my first alcohol-free day in a while…and after the weekend, goodness knows I need it!