PROMO for this weekend’s Inverness show is top priority today.

First task is to film a quick video promo which I do outside then edit the footage into a square format optimised for Facebook and InstaGram. Social media seems to prefer – and prioritise the reach of – square format video over any other kind of post.

I get he video uploaded and scheduled to go out at 6pm on my Facebook page – that’s the time, according to my stats, that most folks visit/look at my page. An important consideration to maximise ‘reach’ and traction.

There’s some merch orders to be packed up to go to the post office tomorrow – while packing them up is a fairly swift, I need to check to see if the customer is on any of my email lists and, if not, add them. Can’t have them on there twice! All the info then needs input into my main mail list/CRM (customer relationship management) database.

My account need a little more work as does our cash flow forecast for the next month or two then there’s some online promo for other upcoming shows.

Mid-afternoon the rain’s off and I decide it might be worth doing a Facebook livestream to punt the Inverness and Aberdeen shows a bit more. I pack my little travel resonator guitar and grab a mic, tripod and all the stuff I need and trek up Conic Hill. The closest, but most knackering, quest for decent 4G!

I manage to go live as planned, albeit with the first part me catching my breath and setting everything up….see above!

Once I get home and everything put away I get a message from Margaret – she’s along at Barbara’s and I’ve to go along for an aperitif. Nice to see everyone and after a couple of beers we make our way home.

There’s some more merch orders to be packed ready for the post office tomorrow. 

Fiona and Steven’s wedding is on Thursday and I dig out a belt for my suit trousers. The trousers were a tight fit when I tried them on the other day so Margaret got some ‘waistband extenders’ – the kind of thing fat old guys need – which seem to work. But the belt won’t even go round me, let alone fasten. Looks like I need to go shopping tomorrow (Wednesday)!