OFF into Glasgow early doors.

I drop Margaret off then head to Silverburn where I post off a bunch of vinyl orders then go next door to McDonalds where I spend the next two-and-a-half hours drinking coffee and getting some work done.

Once I’m done I drop into TK Maxx to get a belt for my suit trousers….we’ve a local wedding tomorrow (Thursday) and as well as my trousers needing an ‘extension’, the old belt I dug out won’t even go round my waist, let alone fasten. Jeepers!

I find a narrow, black belt at a decent price then go about the rest of my shopping tasks.

In town, I park up at the People’s Palace and walk into St Enoch Square and pick up some mail from my city centre ‘office’..then back to car, a snack and off to Costco before picking up Margaret.

We’re home just after 4pm and I’m feeling like shit. Crossing my fingers this isn’t the lurgy – feeling so crap tho’, that I go to bed. It’s the inaugural meeting of the East Loch Lomond Community Trust (ELLCT) tonight but there’s no way I can go feeling like this…and if it is a bug., the last thing I want to do is spread it around the night before a wedding. Luckily I filled in my membership form and paid my dues the other night so it;s not a big deal…would’ve liked to be there in support tho’.

Margaret feeds me some paracetomol then heads off.

I go back to sleep and feel marginally better later on….well enough to be hungry which is a good sign. I have a snack then crash again…