Thankfully the rain’s off when the happy couple emerge from the church 🙂

A BIT of a mad scramble to get through the day’s work by late morning…it’s Fiona and Steven’s wedding today and we wanna try and get to the church early – by 12.30pm I hope – so we can get parked.

I have some stuff to take to Betty and Joe’s then get back home, have snack and get ready.

We get to the church in good time, and I drop Margaret at the door – it’s pouring rain, but hopefully it’ll clear up later – and park up. First time we’ve been in Buchanan Church. Really nice wee, airy, friendly country church.

With the service over we go outside and happily the rain’s let up.

I drop Margaret at the pier, take the car home and walk back to get on the boat. We have a two-hour bubbly-fuelled boat ride round the islands and across the loch to the reception venue.

The meal, the venue, the band and company is great. We have a minor panic for a while when Margaret announces she’s lost her phone and credit cards…luckily ‘find my iPhone’ works a treat and confirms it;s in the building, if not the room we’re in…so a bit of rummaging finds the phone in a bag. ‘Nuff said!

I don’t  really remember the bus ride home but it appears I manage to have some biscuits and  cheese and enjoy half a bottle of Grouse with Arthur before we crash.

Pre-wedding selfie – I guess we scrub up OK….