I WAKE up at 11am and it feels like there’s some kinda fight happening inside my head. I don;t often get hangovers but jeez this one’s bad!

A coupla paracetomol and a big drink of water then…back to bed. That’s the price of a fourteen hour or so drinking session ending with too much whisky at 4am.

Sometime after 2pm I wake again and feel slightly better. better enough to eat something then I decide on another nap before a shower after which I;m starting to feel almost human.

I get some work done, rehearse a few songs off tomorrow’s set list for Inverness then we go along to Betty’s for an aperitif which turns into a few glasses of red and some grub thanks to Sandy’s delivery of a big box of goodies from the coffee shop’s new ‘fish and chips’ weekend service. Mighty fine 🙂

Back home we have an early night…and I’m out like a light.