A GOOD early start…and once the routine stuff’s out the way I set up Facebook and Instagram video ads to promote the Aberdeen show on Friday.

I posted a square-format video – the kind that social media seems to favour for reach/traction – on both last night so they’ve already got some traction. Now to use that to my advantage and turn them into video ads.

While the great majority of the radio promo for the new album has been done digitally, there’s a handful of BBC folks to get physical CDs. Once packed up I put them in the post and take a walk to the old pier to see if there’s any work going on on the new pontoon. Nothing happening, so I drop into Betty and Joe’s for a coffee.

Back home I get the smoker going for the beef short ribs and other bits of beef I coated in a dry rub last night.

After lunch the smoker’s ready for the meat – then I get in with some more work…I’ve a meeting in London tomorrow (Tuesday) and there’s a load of documents and prep needing done.

It’s a nice afternoon so instead of going a walk I clean the decking and wash the canopy over our patio doors while keeping an eye on the meat in the smoker.

It looks like there’s enough food for four, so Margaret asks Betty and Joe if they wanna pop round for dinner. The short ribs taste good, but could’ve probably done with another two or three hours int he smoker.

The smoked beef tacos don’t turn out very well though…normally we’d use brisket, but I’ve used flank steak which has dried out a bit and not worked. The cut is too thin and doesn’t have enough fat to make it work. It’s edible….just…and everyone’s polite. But I’m disappointed. One of my worst culinary experiments, second only to an inedible lotus root stir fry ten years ago!