A RELATIVELY early start to get to Glasgow airport.

Through security I settle down with the laptop to get some work done – I end up getting a little more done than I plan as my flight to London City is delayed by an hour.

In addition the plane leaves a good 15 minutes late, so I’m up against it to get to my meeting at Musicians’ Union (MU) HQ on time and certainly no time to pick up something for lunch between the DLR and Northern Line.

Things go smoothly on the tube tho’ and when I exit at Oval there’s enough time to grab a sandwich and eat it on the hoof. I make it with a good five minutes to spare 🙂

The meeting is good and we’re done just after 5.30pm.

I head back into town and aim to pick up some kind of sushi/sashimi thing at Wasabi on Tottenham Court Road to take to the airport and have before my flight – the food choices/costs are ridiculous at City Airport.

Wasabi has gone, tho’ – and now a swanky new Korean place has taken over. Part restaurant, part bar and part takeaway. I grab a Korean beef something-or-other and take it to the counter where the girl opens the box, lifts off the top ‘tray’ of meat, veg, pickles and other goodies and drops in a big spoonful of rice and red beans then reassembles the lot. Looks pretty good for six quid, but i wasn’t expecting anything hot (ie: the rice and red beans) to be added. Hope it’s still edible by the time I get through security at the airport.

Forty-odd minutes later I’m at the airport and manage to get my grub through security without too much grief. Have to say I feel a little smug as I sit amongst a load of besuited corporate types with their overpriced ‘end of day leftover’ egg and cress or prawn sandwiches as I unpack my box of deliciousness, add some Korean chilli paste and delve in with the supplied chopsticks. And it IS delicious. Amazing!

Of course I can’t remember the name of the place I got it…the carrier bag still says ‘Wasabi’…I think it’s very new and called Kimchee to Go – and the Google websearch has an old address and link that doesn’t work!

The journey home is uneventful and soon after 11pm I settle down with a large dram and watch Apple’s ‘event’ and product launches form earlier in the day….