Good progress on the pontoon

LOAD of household stuff needing done before I can get on with the real work.

While I’m busy with emails and stuff I sort some software updates for recording/guitar stuff and let them download in the background. Moving them to the computer in the studio might be a pain as all the authorisation codes are handled online…and the studio ain’t online.

The photos of the ‘Dave Arcari’ Glengoyne I posted round social media have been getting a lot of interest and generating a lot of ‘where can I get this?’ queries. The stock I have is for promos and stuff and besides, I can’t/wouldn’t see it my place to sell it.

I call the distillery to see if they can put some on sale online and I can them direct folks over there to buy. My contact is going to find out what they can do. Watch this space.

Haven’t had much fresh air over the last week so I go out a walk and notice the brambles are out in force. I eat a few…and if I have time tomorrow morning might go out and gather some for the freezer…apple and bramble pie 😉

Back in the office I get some more work done and Joe drops round to help Margaret plant an apple tree he and Betty brought us a week or two ago. Cool 🙂

Once the tree’s in the ground we have a quick drink and say cheerio. I make some dinner then we have an early night.

Joe drops by to help Margaret plant the apple tree he and Betty brought us a week or two ago 🙂