Urbancroft at work…top secret film project 🙂

SOME last minute promo for Aberdeen…ticket sales have thankfully picked up. A combination of some targeted Facebook and Instagram video ads and a nice wee preview in the Press & Journal.

There’s a lot of photo, video and other backups/archiving needing done. Some is a;ready on an external drive, but it all needs rationalised before backing up and archiving.

I get some of it done before the Urbancroft Films team – Martyn and Jamie – arrive for a top secret filming project. We do a bunch of interviews around the house/office/garden then some filming on the lochside.

We’re done by about 7pm and all tidied up and the guys head off.

I deforsted some burgers earlier, so get a chimney-full of charcoal lit and Margaret makes some coleslaw and prepares some runner beans she picked earlier.

We watch a documentary about Queen (the band) on the BBC iPlayer then have an early night. Aberdeen tomorrow (Friday)!

One of many cutaway scenes….

…and another.