WE don’t have to check out the hotel ’til midday, so we have a lazy morning and attend to some online stuff.

Breakfast in our room is the fruit and croissants we picked up in the supermarket last night and there’s plenty coffee on the go.

There’s no plan for the rest of the day and we don’t have to be at Catriona and Will’s ’til after 6pm so we stop in Dundee for some fuel and snacks then drop into the motorhome place between Dundee and Perth for a gander. I’m not fan of the big, bulbous-fronted coachbuilts, but I like some of the A-class jobs. We could do a few months at a time in mainland Europe in one of these. Pity the sleeker B-class motorhomes aren’t more readily available here as they are in the USA.

Next stop is Dunblane to pickup some stuff and then we kill some time with a  wee wander to the cathedral and a walk along the river.

We have a lovely meal at Catriona and Will’s and chat the night away…seems ages since we’ve seen them and there’s lots to talk about.