PRIORITY this morning is sorting out Betty and Joe’s email.

I set up and managed a domain name transfer and subsequent email a few weeks ago, but some emails seem to have been going missing or bouncing and their email has generally been problematic.

After a fair bit of head scratching and digging about, I find that there’s a bunch of extra DNS entries attached to the domain – two of which relate to their old service provider. I had no idea that would be carried over with the transfer but hey ho – I get them deleted, along with an out of date DNS entry from the new registration folks.

Hopefully that’s the problem solved – I’ve a couple of wee jobs to do for them and then gonna pop along to see them, so we’ll find out then!

Back from Betty and Joe’s I have lunch then take some time re-organising my Asana boards – an online project/task management and collaboration tool. It’s excellent, but I’ve been so caught up in  the new album launch/release and subsequent shows for the last five or six weeks that other stuff has kinda slipped. Nothing major, but stuff that could do with being chased up or initiated.

I deal with some of the things and re-schedule others as necessary then tackle another main task planned for the day – signing up for Facebook Instant Articles which should let me integrate my daily blog post with Facebook. I’m not quite sure of the benefits, but I think Facebook takes the feed and makes the content available instantly – ie: no loading time etc. The world of social media is buzzing with it at the moment, so it’d be prudent to try it out and see what all the fuss is about!

Getting signed up and putting all the techy stuff in place proves to be a cryptic and confusing process, but I get it done then escape the office and go for a walk up the loch side.

A wee bit of a mess about with some banjo ideas before dinner, then we eat and plan travel and other logistics for the upcoming France tour.