I notice a fair amount of algae in the loch…best keep your dogs and kids out the water for now….

IN the office I plug my old iPad 2 into the computer to try and coax it back to life.

While the more recent iOS updates aren;t compatible, I’ve avoided updating it at over the last year or two..last night, tho’, it decided to update of its own accord and, as a result, was inoperable.

Once it’s working again I tackle the Spotify issue that’s been hingin’ around the to-do list for a while. I really need to embrace it (and Apple Music) more, but interacting with the streamiug services is clumsy at best. An update to Spotify’s artist platform makes it possibleto add a biog and integrate other stuff so I get busy.

I also add a Spotify player for the new album on my ‘listen’ page – and a ‘follow on Spotify’ button on my homepage and make all the necessary design adjustments to accommodate both.

I manage to finish off a song that’s been festering away in my head…and in the notebook…

The sun’s still shining after lunch so I grab my wee travel guitar and my notebook and head outside to work on a  song I started messing with ages ago but never had time to develop, let alone finish.

I get it completed and am quite happy for the time being. No doubt it will evolve over time, but I’ll try and get into the studio tomorrow to record a demo/s.

The it’s time for a walk. Just a quick daunder up the lochside where I notice there’s a lot of algae in the water.

In the studio I take some photos for some upcoming social media promos then go back to the house and knock up some black pepper tofu for dinner.

Retiring with a dram and the latest Mac magazine courtesy of the Zinio for Libraries app on the now working iPad, I notice there’s a new iOS update for the phone. I set it to download/update, put out the light and hit the pillow…