THE new iOS has downloaded to my phone…but not installed, so I press ‘yes’ while having my first coffee of the day.

Look slike this update has some cool stuff – I especially like the customisable control panel and new notifications management for when you’re driving. The files app looks good too. Time will tell.

There’s more online stuff to do then I take a snap in the studio – after yesterday’s outdoor songwriting session, the weather’s dreich and wet today, so my activities are re-located indoors.

I get a demo of the new song recorded and spend some time messing with arrangements and stuff. The end result is OK…but it’s all a bit flat and needs some vocal variation. And, in keeping with my usual reaction to a new song, it doesn’t really sound like a Dave Arcari song. 

Back in the office I make up a load of set lists for the weekend’s shows – Dunure Festival of the Sea on Saturday (4pm) and The Hope, Market Rasen on Sunday (also 4pm).  Then there’s the question of the subsequent France shows. There’s five shows that we know of between Wednesday 27 September and Sunday 8 October but that’s about all we know..venue details, times,  accommodation, additional shows and other detail is all a bloody mystery. If we didn’t know the promoter organising it is a good guy and will look after us well, we may have pulled the plug on the’s all a bit laissez-faire for yours truly and his increasingly apparent OCD.

Then I head to a couple of evening meetings in town…another project that;s been like catching soap in the shower. It’s late when we get back so dinner’s a couple of frozen pizzas then bed.