Live session and chat with Ross Macfadyen on Celtic Music Radio…

A BUSY day today…lots to get ready for the next couple weeks’-worth of shows and we leave tomorrow morning.

Once the daily emails and other routine stuff’s out the way I pack a couple or guitars for tonight’s live session and interview on Celtic Music Radio 95fm – but first we’re off to Edinburgh to take part in an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course that Lesley‘s (my sister-in-law)  running with her pal and NLP guru Sue Knight.

The course has been running all week and there’s still a couple of days to go. Lesley’s invited us along for lunch – prepared by Sue’s extremely talented partner, cook Dan – and also to be part of the afternoon’s training session. She’s also asked if I’d play a coupla songs for the course participants.

The course is being held at Lesley’s pal Vicki’s house on the edge of Edinburgh. A spectacular setting and great learning environment. There’s a dozen folks on the course and we meet them all over a fantastic lunch then spend a couple of hours taking part in the afternoon sessions. What a nice bunch of folks…and an insightful afternoon.

Once we’re done we head to Glasgow, grab a snack then make our way to the Celtic Music Radio studios where I spend more than an hour chatting and playing some live tines on Ross Macfadyen’s Thank Folk it;s Friday show. Great fun and great to catch up with Ross. There’;s a wee Facebook live clip on my Facebook page.

It’s after 11pm when we get home…a dram and a wee bedtime snack follows…then zzzzzz’s. Busy couple weeks coming up.

Great afternoon with Lesley (front right), Sue (middle back) and lunch by Dan (back right) and meeting their NLP students at Vicki’s (front middle)