Great time playing at Dunure Festival of the Sea despite some organisational frustrations…

DESPITE preparing and packing some stuff earlier in the week, it’s still a mad rush getting everything ready…Dunure Festival of the Sea today (Saturday) then we head south for tomorrow;s show near Market Rasen and onto France.

Betty needs some help with a wee computer hiccup and pops round while we have breakfast. Hopefully it’s all sorted.

We need to stop in Ayr and drop off some stock at Big Sparra Vinyl, then it’s a few miles down the coast to Dunure…a beautiful little place round a harbour which is home to the inaugural Dunure Festival of the Sea.

By the time my showtime of 4pm comes round things are running a bit late. No-one says anything about revised set lengths, so I’m surprised when I get the signal to play just two more songs half and hour into my 60-minute slot. I try not to display my annoyance – I would have been happy to play a shorter set if I had knows…and I would have certainly restructured my set list accordingly. Margaret’s seen what’s happening and is furious…and the response she got of “don’t worry, the fee’s the same” is a red rag to a bull. It’s not about the money…we agreed to play at a knock-down price so I could present a certain amount of material to an audience to make it worthwhile and, in my eyes, we were denied that opportunity.

We’re not clear of the why’s and wherefore’s, but the earlier acts weren’t cut and were allowed to overrun…and the act that followed me wasn’t on the schedule/programme – unless the two guys on stage went by the name of Katee Kross!

I chat with some folks stop to buy stuff at the merch table while I pack my gear and we hit the road south, sharing the driving south to Weatherby. We’re both feeling a bit deflated that such a nice wee start-up festival has left us feeling…well…deflated. On the upside, it was a great location and brilliant audience.

En route we stop at Gretna services for a coffee and a snack and bump into radio DJ pal Graeme Scott. Small world. We have a chat then continue on our journey.

We check into our hotel in Weatherby by 10pm and get some online stuff done before relaxing with a glass or two of red. This takes the pressure off us getting to Market Rasen tomorrow afternoon…it’s only another 70 or 80 miles 🙂