Leaving the white cliffs of Dover en route to Calais

WE have to leave the hotel at a reasonable time to make sure we get the ferry…and wearrive at the terminal with time to spare.

The crossing is just 90 minutes and the sun’s shining. First stop when we get off the ferry is a motorway services to grab a sandwich and a coffee.

We have 140 miles to drive to Beauvais where we’re staying with our pal Magali.

After a stop at a supermarket for some supplies we roll up at Magali’s and the wine starts to flow.

I’m on dinner-making duties and rustle up a spaghetti bolognaise while quaffing some Brewdog Punk IPA…it’s nearly 10pm when we sit down to eat and chat over the next few hours.

Laurine, Magali and Margaret await my dinner…