We spend the day travelling from Beauvais, near Paris, to Beaumont en Véron…

UNUSUALLY, I’m up first and getting some work done when Magali, then Margaret, comes downstairs.

We have coffee and chat for a while then we pack our bags and hit the road for the 260-odd mile drive to Beaumont en Véron (near Avoine). First stop, though, is brunch at a McDonalds – we’re always surprised how much better the fare is here than it is back home in the UK.

Another stop and I take over driving and we rock up at our pals’ Dominique and Marie-Claude’s about 7.30pm. We’re staying at Dominique’s mother’s place – a beautiful old mill three or four miles away and take our bags there, then back into  Beaumont en Véron for dinner. Marie-Claude has made a huge spread of grub.

We head back to our digs sometime after midnight…first of the French shows is locally tomorrow 🙂