Point B@r, Bain de Bretagne 🙂

BREAKFAST at the old mill, then we go to Avoine and pack the van for tonight’s show in Bain de Bretagne.

We relax for a while then Dominique and Marie-Claude drive us all the way to Bain de Bretagne and tonight’s venue, Point B@r which has a great music room at the back.

Soundman Luc is ready and waiting. Load in and soundcheck is a breeze and we relax over a few beers as showtme isn’t ’til 10pm.

We’re taken for a meal before the show then at 10pm I hit the stage. There’s a fantastic crowd and the place is jam-packed and rockin’ 🙂

Afterwards there’s lots of people to talk to and we hang out drinking for another hour or two. I think it;s after 3am when we head to our hosts Armelle and Luc’s for the night.

Sharing the Glengoyne love after the show with Luc, Dominique and Marie-Claude after the Bain de Bretagne show.